Relief For An Active Life!

Hemp Muscle Cooling Salve With Menthol

Work hard, play hard or just living a full long life…either way you are going to have aches and pains.  Our Muscle Cooling Salve is just what you need.  Made in small batches using high quality ingredients, this salve will sooth your muscles and joints.

Everyday Citrus Salve

This is a very versatile full spectrum CBD salve that helps soothe and soften areas of dryness, relieve minor aches and pains, calm irritation and itch from insect bites or rash.  The fruity aromas from our Everyday Citrus Salve help calm your body without being overpowering.  Designed to be an everyday salve to keep skin looking and feeling great.

Hear From Other Customers!

"I use the salve whenever I overdo it, and it works every time. I have a history of back problems and this is my new go to. Love it."

Karen Niles

"When I put my back out, I tried everything to get some relief. None of the over the counter pain killers/anti-inflammatories made a difference. I started using the CBG salve a few times a day and the results were amazing. It knocked down the pain enough that I was able to start slowly stretching and working to rehab my back. I’m now pain free without any pharmaceuticals required!"


"I carry my small kids around a lot and have developed a hand condition called "Mommy Thumb" which is basically inflamed tendons, a lot of pain, and a super weak hand. Per recommendations of my specialist I got a splint and took anti-inflammatories but to no avail. I almost reluctantly tried this product but on the basis I would give it a fair shot. Within about a week of twice a day massaging a small amount into my palm, the pain was entirely gone. No splint, no anti-inflammatories. When it flares back up I just pull this out and within a few days I'm good again. Thank you so much!!!"


All Natural Pain Relief And More!

We use hemp all from our Certified Organic farm.  Grown and harvested with care, we extract using CO2 and use a Full Spectrum oil in all of our salves.  Our beeswax base and purposeful ingredients make for salves that feel great, smell great and most importantly provide the natural relief that is needed.

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