Does Hemp Have Terpenes?

Posted on October 23rd, 2021 to Education

Terpenes may not be all that familiar if you are not well-versed in cannabis, but, the truth is, terpenes are a huge part of our everyday life. From the fragrant citrus smell that fills the air when you cut open a lemon to the soothing aroma that wafts from your favorite flowers, terpenes are responsible. While cannabis terpenes are highly sought-after and some even well-recognized, most people are not sure whether these compounds are found in hemp. We’ve pulled together what you need to know below.

Does hemp have terpenes?

Yes. Hemp is part of the cannabis family, so many of the same compounds found in cannabis are naturally found in hemp, including terpenes. In total, the cannabis family of plants is known to boast over 100 different terpene compounds, and most of these can be found in hemp. Hemp can have different strain genetics, which means each plant strain can also have its own collection and concentration of different terpenes. For example, Hawaiian Haze has a nice terpene lineup that consists of myrcene, caryophyllene, and bisabolol. Lifter, on the other hand, is rich in limonene, linalool, and humulene.

What are hemp terpenes exactly?

Terpenes are not associated with only hemp or cannabis—there are actually more than 30,000 terpenes that have been identified in the natural world. These hydrocarbon compounds are naturally present chemicals that contribute to various attributes of all plants, such as how they smell or how they taste.

In regards to hemp terpenes, these aromatic compounds can affect how hemp smells, tastes, or even affects the body when consumed.

In the plant world, terpenes are also responsible for different actions to support the plant as it grows. For example, some terpenes make a plant smell attractive to pollinators, while other terpenes may make a plant undesirable to hungry pests or resilient to disease. Terpenes develop at different stages in the plant’s life, and the environment in which a plant grows can affect the number of terpenes the plant produces.


Common Terpenes in Hemp

Terpenes are relatively abundant in hemp, even though some are more prominent than others and the precise collection varies from strain to strain. Some of the most common hemp terpenes and their trademark scent notes include:

  • Myrcene – Earthy, musky scent with a slight herbal aroma
  • Caryophyllene – Spicy, peppery with a hint of cloves
  • Linalool – Floral aromatics with a bit of spice
  • Humulene – Earthy with aromatics like hops
  • Pinene – Piney aroma
  • Terpinolene – Somewhat piney aroma with a herbal flair
  • Limonene – Citrusy aroma

Hemp Terpenes FAQs

Does CBD oil have terpenes in it?

CBD oil can have terpenes in it, but it depends on the extraction method used to make the product. Many claim that a full-spectrum CBD oil will contain terpenes, but that is not always the case. Terpenes are not as stable as cannabinoids, so they can break down during the extraction process with factors like too much heat or pressure. At Hunger Mountain, our Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is made using CO2 extraction, which can retain the quality of the terpenes.

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Does industrial hemp have terpenes?

Industrial hemp, or hemp used for industrial purposes, does contain terpenes. However, a lot of industrial hemp, which may not be necessarily grown for cannabinoid extraction, is not harvested in a way that protects the terpenes because cultivators are more interested in plant fibers.

Do terpenes get you high?

Terpenes do not get you high. They can have their own therapeutic effects and may even support the actions of cannabinoids, however. For example, myrcene is known to have relaxing, almost sedating effects, which can complement the action of CBD (cannabidiol).

Experience Hemp Terpenes for Yourself

Once you discover hemp terpenes and how they can enhance the overall experience you have with hemp, you gain a new appreciation for hemp-derived products. If you want to explore the various collections of hemp terpenes in different strains, the best way to do just that is with high-quality hemp flower. Take a look at our collection of premium, hand-trimmed flower at Hunger Mountain.

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