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What are vegan CBD gummies? Healthy gummy bears 101

From delectable, gourmet-worthy baked goods to drinks & candies – cannabis or hemp-infused edibles offer both tasty and alternative ways to take advantage of cannabinoids. CBD gummies are by far the most popular form of hemp-infused edible, and they can be found in various forms, including vegan gummies like ours here at Hunger Mountain Hemp. But other edible & CBD gummy producers get their fair share of attention as well. For the sake of this post, we are going to focus on vegan CBD gummies, and how to make sure you are choosing the safest and healthiest option.

Are gummy bears healthy?

That’s a loaded question, as it really all comes down to the ingredients. Just as it is with any food product you ingest, getting to know the ingredients and nuances that come along with specific products is ever-important. Let’s dig into the world of gummies, get a look at some of the typical ingredients, and clarify a few misunderstandings.

Gelatin vs. pectin gummies

It’s actually a common misconception that gummies can’t be vegan because gummies have been so notoriously associated with gelatin, which is created from animal-derived collagen. However, not all gummies are created equal—some companies (like us!) use vegan-friendly ingredients as a thickening agent to produce that chewy consistency you’d expect.

So, what makes gummies vegan?

It all comes down to the ingredient used as a thickener, which is usually pectin, derived from fruit for vegan versions. For example, at Hunger Mountain, our vegan CBD Gummies are made gummy with fruit pectin and organic tapioca syrup only. Therefore, they are, in fact, vegan.

Is Pectin Vegan?

When looking at something like Hunger Mountain Hemp CBD gummies, you may notice pectin is listed as one of the ingredients we use in our products. All CBD companies have their own recipes and formulas for creating products, and not all of them use pectin in gummies.

So, what is pectin? Is pectin gelatin? Is pectin vegan friendly? We’ve pulled together all the details below to give you a better idea of why we use pectin in our CBD gummies.

What is pectin?

First, what is pectin exactly? Scientifically speaking, pectin is a type of carbohydrate that is concentrated in the cellular walls of certain types of plants. The pectin is extracted from the skin and pulp of these plants and then used as a gelling or thickening agent in other products. This is because when pectin is immersed in water, it forms a gel by trapping the present liquid.

Is pectin vegan?

The thing that makes pectin vegan friendly is that it is derived from plants. No animal products are involved, so it is indeed vegan. Best of all, pectin works just as well as animal-derived gelatin as a thickening and gelling agent. This is why we rely on pectin in our CBD gummy collection—fruit pectin does not alter the flavor of the gummies and makes them suitable for most consumers.

What’s it made of?

Pectin that is used for product manufacturing purposes is typically harvested from fruits and vegetables that have an especially high concentration of this carbohydrate in their makeup. Some examples of good pectin sources include:

  • Citrus fruit
  • Apples
  • Plums
  • Apricots
  • Carrots

It is actually even possible to make your own pectin at home with just some of these fruits or vegetables and water, but this can be a long process. You simply boil water and the chopped foods and allow them to simmer for a while, strain the fruit, and reserve the liquid. The liquid can then be used to thicken things like jam, pie filling, or your own gummy candies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pectin

Is certo pectin vegan?

Yes, certo pectin is also vegan, even though it does contain a few extra ingredients to preserve the quality and gelling actions. Certo is simply a certain brand of pectin that is sold in several countries. You can find Certo pectin in liquid and powder form to use at home when making your own recipes that require gelling or thickening.

What are some other foods that contain this ingredient?

Because around 3.5 percent of the US population follows a vegan diet, more manufacturers have made an effort to create products that are suitable for these consumers. Therefore, pectin is used in a lot of products that require thickening to be a certain texture but are formulated to be vegan-friendly. For example, some non-dairy yogurts, vegan jello, and even candy contain pectin. Keep in mind, pectin may not actually show up as “pectin” on some ingredient labels. It may be listed as E440(i), E440(ii), or simply E440.

You Can Find High Quality Vegan CBD Gummies at Hunger Mountain Hemp

At Hunger Mountain, we use pectin in our CBD gummies specifically because it is a healthier option than gelatin and is suitable for people who stick to a vegan lifestyle. If you are just getting started on your journey to make CBD a part of your wellness plans, be sure to check out the full guide on vegan CBD gummies on our blog.

Are vegan gummies a healthier option?

Yes, we believe so. Beyond those who eat strictly vegan and prefer gummies made without animal-derived collagen, vegan CBD gummies may actually be healthier for everyone. For one, animal collagen-based gelatins can be an allergen for some people that can provoke serious adverse reactions.

Even though gelatin has been deemed as “likely safe” when only consumed in food products, there have also been concerns about gelatin products containing contaminants as well. Since vegan gummies made with fruit pectin deliver the same effects as those made with gelatin, sticking with vegan ingredients can reduced uncertainties.

Sugar content in gummies and other edibles

You would be hard-pressed to find CBD gummies, or other sweet cannabinoid-infused treats, that are sugar-free. However, you can find healthier options beyond edibles that are sweetened solely with refined white sugar or loads of sugar. Even if you do want the little sweet to go along with your cannabinoids, you shouldn’t have to worry about sugar overload. The best gummies and edibles are created with more natural sweetening options, such as organic cane sugar or even fruit additives. For reference, our Nighttime CBG + CBD Gummies contain only 3 grams of total sugar per gummy.

Watch for artificial flavors, color additives, and preservatives

Whether you are shopping for high-quality gummies or some other cannabis edible, always pay attention to those extra additives that you may not want in your diet. Many companies add loads of preservatives or artificial flavors and colors to their products, many of which are synthetically made and not so healthy.

For example, sodium benzoate, a common preservative used in certain types of drinks and foods, may convert to a carcinogen in the body and cause problems with inflammation, oxidative stress, and allergies. Artificial flavors and coloring agents can also pose their own risks. Caramel coloring, for instance, has been found to contain a carcinogenic byproduct.

Common FAQs about CBD-infused edibles

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How should you go about dosing different types of edibles?

Most cannabis or hemp edibles will clearly give you a dosing suggestion on the label. These suggestions are usually built around the potency level of the product. For example, if you are taking a higher milligram CBD gummy, you may find a suggestion to consume only one gummy, but if you are taking a lower-potency gummy, you may see a recommendation to take two. Always consider the potency of a product over serving size suggestions just to be safe; no pre-established guidelines exist for dosing with cannabinoids, and everyone can have their own experience as to what works. Start with a lower dosage and work your way up as you see fit.

How long do edibles take to work?

Edibles take longer to reach your bloodstream and endocannabinoid system; full effects may not be reached for a few hours. No matter what kind of edible it is you are consuming, give that edible time to take effect before you consider consuming more.

Do edibles change when they are made with different cannabis concentrates?

In a few ways, yes. The edible may not change much in flavor or consistency, but different concentrates can yield a different experience. For example, a CBD gummy made with full-spectrum CBD oil is more likely to the best effects due to the entourage effect (different hemp derivatives working to support one another). Another thing to watch is potency, as different concentrates could mean higher or lower potency levels.

Shop with HMH for high-quality edibles

Without question, one of the most important things to do when looking for cannabis edibles is to shop with only reliable suppliers. At Hunger Mountain, all of our hemp-infused gummies are created from full-spectrum CBD oil derived from organic hemp. Our gummies are clearly labeled with ingredients, they’re vegan, and tested by a third-party lab for cannabinoid content.

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