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Posted on February 19th, 2022 to Education

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For about as long as humankind has been smoking cannabis and hemp, humankind has also been coming up with new accessories to use in the process. The need to ignite the flower has birthed everything from specially made lighters and torches to electrical apparatus. Hemp wick is one of the most rudimentary-yet-ingenious accessories used for lighting up hemp buds.

What does hemp wick do? Is this something you should be using? Here’s a quick rundown of all you need to know about hemp wick use below.

First, what is hemp wick?

Simply put, hemp wick is used to ignite cannabis or hemp flower in a pipe or a bong. You light the twine and then use that twine to ignite the flower as needed. Hemp wick is twine that is spun from natural hemp fibers and coated in something natural like beeswax. The twine itself is created from the fibrous plant materials harvested from industrial hemp, which are the same fibers that are commonly used to make everything from clothing to rope.

The beeswax coating on hemp wick makes it burn exceptionally slow after ignition. In a sense, the wick burns a lot like a candlestick; the wax slows the rate of the burn so the wick doesn’t burn up so quickly.

Hemp Wick Benefits

The primary benefit of using hemp wick is the fact that you get to avoid the gas that comes from a standard lighter. Lighters rely on butane to cause ignition, and this butane burns at a pretty extreme temperature. When you light up with a butane lighter and inhale, the smoke is hot, and the butane fumes can actually go into your lungs. This could bring along unnecessary risks to your lungs and throat.

As a secondary benefit, hemp wick doesn’t burn as hot. Therefore, the hemp is not exposed to temperatures so high that flavorful terpenes and cannabinoids are so readily destroyed. In fact, a lot of people who use hemp wick claim the taste and quality of the smoke are far better. And, because the hemp wick is not as hot, the flower you are igniting doesn’t burn up so quickly.

How to Use Hemp Wick

When you learn how to light hemp wick, you’ll appreciate the fact that you only have to produce one flame, which is done with either a lighter or a match when you first light the wick. In other words, you light the wick and continuously use that wick to get up, ignite, or relight your flower.

The basic steps of using hemp wick involve:

  1. Unwrapping the wick so you have one small section sticking out
  2. Igniting the wick with a lighter or match
  3. Allowing the wick to burn for a few seconds to burn away any butane residue
  4. Lighting your hemp as needed

Keep an ashtray or bowl nearby where you can rest the burning hemp wick when you are not directly using it to light your cannabis. When you’re done with the wick, simply blow out the flame or dip the tip in water. Always make sure the wick is completely extinguished before you set it aside.

Final Thoughts on Hemp Wick Use

All in all, hemp wicks can be a cleaner way to burn your hemp flower if you want to avoid chemicals as much as possible. Looking to learn more about smoking hemp flower and what to expect? Be sure to check out our guide on the Hunger Mountain blog.

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