CBG Topicals: Benefits They Offer & How to Use

Posted on July 23rd, 2021 to Education

From skin conditions to bodily aches and pains, cannabinoid-infused topicals are now a go-to for those interested in alternative solutions for everyday ailments. CBG topicals may be a relatively new idea compared to CBD topicals, but they are well worth the attention they are getting.

What Is CBG?

CBG is a cannabinoid found in plants that are part of the cannabis family. However, CBG is not very abundant in the plants at all, unlike CBD, but with a very good explanation. CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) is considered the precursor for all other cannabinoids. Whatever CBGA is not used during the growth process to create other cannabinoids eventually becomes CBG with the loss of the acidic molecules.

What Is a CBG Topical?

A CBG topical is a product that is specifically formulated for skin application. When the topical is applied to the skin, the skin absorbs the cannabinoid along with the carrying agents used. The skin actually has a complex series of cannabinoid receptors, which means the skin processes cannabinoids on its own and is a viable way to take advantage of the therapeutic properties.

A Look at CBG Topical Benefits

CBG may be a less abundant cannabinoid, but it has recently gotten a lot of attention because of its proposed therapeutic properties. The CBG cannabinoid has been found to be:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Analgesic
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-oxidative

In-vitro studies have found CBG to help with neuroinflammation and oxidative stress, which may be important in treating serious skin conditions. Research has also pointed out that CBG seems to help modulate sebum (skin oil) production, which may be important for people who have acne. In 2019, a patent was actually filed for a topical formulation of cannabidiol and cannabigerol shown to help with psoriasis symptoms.

How to Use CBG Topicals

CBG topicals are applied directly to the skin, typically on an area of your body that needs some level of relief or therapeutic action.

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How much?

With CBG salves, a little goes a long way. Simply pull out about half a teaspoon or less to apply to your skin at a time. Rub the salve into your skin to encourage absorption. A small amount can be spread over a large section of your body, but if you need a bit more than a half teaspoon, feel free to apply up to a teaspoon at a time if needed.

How often?

CBG is well-tolerated by most people, especially when used as a topical agent. Therefore, you can safely use a CBG salve a few times a day or as needed for targeted relief.


CBG salve is great to use when you have periodic aches and pains. For example, you could soothe sore muscles after a workout at the gym or rub a bit on your wrists after a grueling day of using your hands. You may even prefer to use a bit of CBG in the morning if you wake up with a sore neck or stiff shoulders.

What to Look for in a Quality CBG Topical

Not all CBG products are created equal—you do have to use some discernment to make sure what you get is an authentic, high-quality product. A good CBG topical is:

  • Made with other ingredients that are good for your skin
  • Does not contain artificial agents or chemical additives
  • Clearly has a Certificate of Analysis to prove the quality and cannabinoid content (You can see ours here)
  • It is made from high-quality hemp produced by a reliable operation

It is also important to opt for a CBG salve that is made with a full-spectrum extract. While CBG may be the most important cannabinoid in the product, other cannabinoids like CBD (cannabidiol) will actually support the actions of CBG and give you a better experience.

Find Top-Quality CBG Topicals for an Authentic Experience

CBG may be a lesser-known cannabinoid, but it is one hemp constituent that is quickly gaining ground for good reason. Topical CBG could be an excellent addition to your daily regimen for health and wellness, and we make sure you have an excellent product to ensure an excellent outcome. Our CBG Salves at Hunger Mountain Hemp are formulated with full-spectrum CBG and synergistic ingredients for optimal effects. Check out our Everyday Citrus CBG Salve with 500mg of CBG or Muscle Cooling Salve with 1,000mg of CBG.

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