What is CBC (Cannabichromene)?

What is CBC?

Posted on January 19th, 2022 to Education

Even though the two main cannabinoid contenders making the news may be cannabidiol (CBD) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), other players in the lineup may hold just as much value. CBC is the perfect example. CBC is rapidly growing to be one of the most researched cannabinoids outside of CBD and THC, for many good reasons. What does CBC stand for? Can you use CBC for sleep? Here is a closer look at this lesser-known cannabinoid, CBD vs CBC, and more.

So, what is CBC?

CBC is cannabichromene, which is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in plants that belong to the cannabis family. Therefore, CBC is also present in hemp, just like CBG (cannabigerol), CBN (cannabinol), and other cannabinoids.

What is the difference between CBD and CBC?

While CBD and CBC are both cannabinoids, they do have quite a few differences. CBC may be more prevalent in other forms of cannabis than hemp. Researchers discovered this in the 1970s when they took note that concentrations of CBC were higher in “drug-type” cannabis than “fiber-type” cannabis (otherwise known as hemp). CBD is the most prevalent cannabinoid found in hemp, and CBC may be the second-most-abundant cannabinoid found in all cannabis.

There are also differences where benefits and mechanisms of action are concerned. For example, CBD is thought to indirectly affect the endocannabinoid system, while CBC may directly affect TRPV1 and TRPA1 receptors found in the brain. Nevertheless, CBC is not intoxicating, which it has in common with CBD.

What is CBC good for?

CBC’s prevalence in cannabis has made it a good candidate for further therapeutic research. To date, the cannabinoid has been examined for a number of potential benefits.

CBC exhibits profound anti-tumor properties, even though the extent of how beneficial these properties could be is not well understood or established. This is thought to be related to the cannabinoid’s unique ability to interact with specific receptors in the endocannabinoid system.

Some studies have shown that CBC may also offer neuroprotectant properties. In one study on mice, CBC positively affected stem progenitor cells in the neural system. These cells are exceptionally important to the neural system and brain function. This very action may also have something to do with how pain is perceived.

The potential for CBC to uplift the mood also makes it a good candidate for possible psychotropic properties. For example, many people use the cannabinoid to deal with feelings of gloom and sadness, which may be even more effective when combined with other cannabinoids.


Is CBC intoxicating?

Much like CBD and most other cannabinoids beyond THC, CBC is not considered intoxicating. However, the cannabinoid may have some psychoactive benefits due to the fact that it seems to increase levels of anandamide. Anandamide is an endocannabinoid produced by the body, but most importantly, this endocannabinoid made by the body’s endocannabinoid system generates feelings of motivation and pleasure.

Does CBC show on drug test?

Most drug tests are looking for a certain level of metabolites of THC and not other cannabinoids like CBC. However, do keep in mind that full-spectrum products do contain fractional amounts of THC (0.3 percent or less). Therefore, these could potentially lead to a failed drug test.

How much CBC should I take to sleep?

CBS is not as well-recognized for supporting sleep as other cannabinoids. However, people who have problems sleeping due to other issues like bodily discomfort may find CBC helps them move past their discomfort to help them sleep. If you intend to take a CBC product for this reason, start with a lower dose and adjust as needed. Monitor your effects to determine what dose works for you.

Can CBC be stimulating?

CBC cannabinoid effects may involve a slight uplift in your mood. This is related to the cannabinoid’s proposed ability to enhance feel-good endocannabinoids in the body like anandamide.

What is CBC oil?

CBC oil is simply an ingestible oil or tincture that is formulated with CBC, a carrier oil, and potentially other cannabinoids. To find out what ingredients are in a CBC oil product, be sure to look for the certificate of analysis from the company.

Experience CBC As Part of the Full-Spectrum Experience

CBC is no doubt one cannabinoid to keep an eye on. As more research comes to light, cannabichromene shows promise for a number of therapeutic reasons. CBC is found in full-spectrum, hemp-derived products like those we offer at Hunger Mountain Hemp. Be sure to take a look at our collection of thoroughly-tested, responsibly produced, full-spectrum products.



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