Hunger Mountain Hemp started with a small, half acre plot of land in the shadow of Hunger Mountain in Waterbury Vermont. As our plants thrived in the fresh mountain air and rich soil, so did we. We soon realized we had found our passion; an honest, organic way to make a living providing high quality Vermont made CBD products.


Vermont has a long and rich farming culture and the landscape is dotted with picturesque dairy farms, many of which have unfortunately fallen out of use and been left to decay. We resonate deeply with the history and culture of the family farm, a lifestyle that isn’t as viable as it once was, so we made the decision to save one and breathe life back into what was once a busy homestead. Tucked in the Northeast Kingdom we found the new home for Hunger Mountain Hemp.  


Following in the footsteps of those who farmed this land before us, our first purpose is to be stewards of the land. With an emphasis on organic and regenerative farming practices, we have the opportunity to care for the land while growing our business and providing you with the finest quality products. 


From our farm to you, enjoy.

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