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Waterbury, VT // EST 2018


Stewards of the Land

Hunger Mountain Hemp started with a small, half acre plot of land in the shadow of Hunger Mountain in Waterbury Vermont. As our plants thrived in the fresh mountain air and rich soil, so did we. We soon realized we had found our passion; an honest, organic way to make a living providing high quality Vermont made hemp derived products.

Following in the footsteps of those who farmed this land before us, our first purpose is to be stewards of the land.

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Commitment to Quality

All of our products start with our Certified Organic Vermont grown hemp which is extracted into a full spectrum oil containing all of the natural, synergistic Cannabinoids and Terpenes.  Once the extraction process is completed, each batch is tested to ensure accurate labeling and a clean, consistent final product. Learn more about why Vermont CBD is unique.

Why Vermont CBD Oil is Unique

The hemp plants that are extracted to create our Vermont-made CBD oil are grown in adherence with strict farming practices. Vermont’s rocky, silty soil is perfect for proper drainage, not to mention it is rich with beneficial nutrients that our cannabis plants love.

The Vermont Brand

The values that come along with organic farming, sustainability, taking care of your neighbor – while we live them at at Hunger Mountain Hemp, they are not unique to our Vermont CBD company. These values are entrenched within the state of Vermont, and it’s one of the reasons why not only CBD, but all products that are produced in VT are so sought after.

Hunger Mountain Hemp: Vermont's Finest CBD

Check out some pictures from our Vermont farm to get a feel for how we grow our hemp and produce our hemp oil products. We are very much a “farm to body” operation, and we grow & produce more than just hemp at our farm! All of our CBD oil and CBG oil products are full-spectrum. This means that they contain CBD as well as other beneficial constituents of the hemp plant including other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Is there a difference between CBD tincture and CBD oil?

Yes, all of our CBD & CBG oils utilize MCT oil as the carrier liquid. MCT oil is a refined version of coconut oil. MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides, which are basically just fat molecules that allow your body to absorb & properly take advantage of the CBD. Anything labelled a “tincture” utilizes some form of high-proof alcohol as the carrier liquid. Let us know if you have any questions about our CBD products or others that you’ve come across, we’re happy to assist! What about the different types of CBD oil?

The state of Vermont has always been known for organic farming and sustainable practices. When you think about the difference between certain CBD oils or CBD products in general, what’s the first thing you think about? Oftentimes, people that are new to CBD will jump right to the strength or amount of milligrams of pure CBD in their product. In reality, the most important aspects of your CBD product are the inputs to the products. This includes not only the raw hemp flower that the product was made from, but also the things that were used to grow and produce that raw hemp flower.

Here in Vermont, we have always had a very robust farm culture. Dairy farms have historically been the most popular farming operations in the state. However, many of these dairy farms have been left to wither away. At Hunger Mountain Hemp, we strongly believe in the Vermont CBD & hemp economy, and so we’re ecstatic to breathe some new life into what was once a bustling farm industry.

When you’re ready to shop, we recommend taking a look at our Full Spectrum CBD oil, our Full Spectrum CBG oil, and our 1:1 CBD/CBG oil, all of which are available in various flavors. Learn more about the differences between CBD and CBG.

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